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Top Questions
Top Questions
How do Plenaire products differ from others?

We follow a cleaner ingredient and formulation approach because we believe in the power of these ingredients to help even the most delicate skin feel and look better. Please refer to our full Ingredient Disclosure, here.

What is your policy on Animal testing?

We will never test our products or ingredients on animals nor do we use suppliers who test them on our behalf. Our products do not contain animal-based ingredients or animal derivatives. Each Plenaire product has been registered with the Vegan Society.

Are your fragrances natural? Why or why not?

It’s important for us to provide complete transparency around our ingredient approach including our choice of fragrance raw materials. 

After careful consideration and lots of research, we have chosen synthetic fragrances for our products over natural ones. 

Synthetic ingredients in fragrance allow the creation of more complex and unique signatures which is the main reason for this decision. We wanted to be able to create a fragrance that is a true reflection of our brand, that is instantly recognisable and loved. 


All Plenaire fragrances comply with EU Cosmetic regulation and IFRA standards. The IFRA Standards form the basis for the globally accepted and recognized risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are part of the IFRA Code of Practice. This is the self-regulating system of the industry, based on risk assessments carried out by an independent Expert Panel and supports the IFRA commitment to provide products that are safe for use by the consumer and to the environment.

If you have very sensitive skin, it’s important to always patch test a product for 24 hours before choosing to invest in it. Please feel free to email us at Sayhi@plenaire.co if you have any concerns or questions, we would love to hear from you. 

Synthetic versus Natural approaches to Fragrance

Synthetic fragrances contain chemicals that are not of a natural origin while natural fragrances contain ingredients only from a natural origin- generally, this means essential oils. While a lot of synthetic fragrances contain parabens, phthalates and synthetic musks, it is entirely possible to create a synthetic fragrance without any of these materials, as we have achieved with our fragrance. 

It is important to mention that synthetic fragrances do not necessarily cause more allergic reactions than natural fragrance. Both of them contain ingredients called allergens – substances that cause allergies. Almost all essential oils contain allergens, and many are not suitable for all occasions, for example, during pregnancy or for babies. 

It is also not true that a natural fragrance is more sustainable than a synthetic one. In fact, the environmental impact of producing essential oils can often be higher when compared to synthetic perfumery ingredients. 

Plenaire signature 

Our products all contain a signature fragrance which we have developed in collaboration with a leading perfumery expert, here in the UK. 

Our perfumer, Jean Charles Mignon studied chemistry at the University of Poitiers and Le Havre and began his perfume career at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery before completing Perfumery School in Grasse under the guidance of Robertet Senior Perfumers Michel Almairac, Jean-Francois Latty and Jacques Flori. 

“When I was a child, my parents were florists so I was always in contact with flowers and gradually became familiar with the different species and their particular scents. My favourite smell has to be the rose (of course!) in part because of its richness, but also because of the power and impact this natural raw material delivers– there is nothing quite like it! "

The Plenaire fragrance opens with light notes of white nectarine, leading to a heart of rose, orris and violet on a base of clean vanilla and creamy musk. After balancing our key principles of safety, pleasure and sustainability, we are presenting this delicate signature in all of our products.

Is Sustainability Important? How do you demonstrate that?

Sustainability is a core value for Plenaire. We believe that convenience, great design and safety can coexist with sustainability. Our approach was created by looking at best practice in the across the industry, but also from we heard in the dozens of focus groups and social listening platforms as we created the brand. As far as possible with Plenaire, we have tried to make the best material choices that we can without compromising safety and consumer experience. You can read more about it in our full Statement on Materiality + Sustainability here.

What is conscious consumption? Why is that important?

Following a mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our going in approach is to encourage “conscious consumption” with our audience. In our promotional materials we encourage our customers to be more mindful in how they consume as well as think about a more circular approach to buying. Only use how much you need, be present and conscious of waste.

We would like to recognize that Sustainability doesn’t come from packaging alone, though this has a significant impact on it. What is often forgotten is that much of the process of being more sustainable comes from our own actions in the usage process, not simply materials and packaging alone.

Bearing this in mind, we have created 3 skin cleansing formats that qualify as waterless cleansers, in other words, require less water to work perfectly.

Further we have made it easy to use formats like Rose Jelly, Skin Frosting and Tripler by creating luxe Plenaire face flannels that not only help optimize/reduce the use of water in the cleansing process, but also make it efficient and a pleasure to use. 

Our Skin Frosting Deeply Hydrating Mask simply wipes off and can be used without water. Apply on a clean, dry face, and relax for 20 minutes. Wipe away with a warm washcloth or a damp Plenaire face flannel.

Our Brightening Elixir Exfoliating Tonic is a leave on exfoliating cleanser, and designed to be used without rinsing with water.

Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover is not waterless in the classic sense, but designed to work with very little water. It relies on Sucragel technology rather than traditional cleansing technology that’s more frugal with water while being a pleasure to use, and has the added bonus of being gentler on skin than many ordinary cleansers. Simply apply on a full face of makeup, and add a bit of water to turn into a rose-colored milk. Rinse or simply wipe away excess makeup and product using a damp washcloth or a Plenaire face flannel. 

Remember to be mindful, by turning on the tap only when you need to. 

Let's talk Plastics, why are yours better?

Polypropylene ( PP) 

After careful consideration and researching the pros and cons of plastic versus glass and other materials as far as safety,  durability and lifestyle suitability, we chose to use BPA free PP for our packaging, for tubes and bottles. 

Half a century ago, two new members of the polyolefin family became available: Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). These two plastics offer all of the traditional applications used for PVC, paper, metal or glass. They possess increased durability and are significantly more wear resistance when compared to traditional products such as paper. 

PP is rugged and resistant to different chemical solvents, acids, and bases. PP’s resin identification code is 5, and it is recyclable.This cloudy plastic – the kind that is most popularly used for yogurt containers-is more efficient to manufacture than virgin plastic. PP is often eventually recycled to make brooms, brushes, garden rakes and plastic trays.

It is important to remember that all plastics are not equal in this regard. A distinct advantage remains: these materials are environmentally-friendly.

In summary, Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) benefit the environment because they 

Break down more quickly, taking just 20-30 years compared to over 500 years for some other plastics.                      

Take fewer natural resources to produce, 

Generate fewer waste products in production and disposal and are widely recycled,

When burned, they do not generate toxic gases (like chlorine from PVC plastics)

In addition all of our tubes have the advantage of being mono material PP, making them more effective to easily recycle. 


While this plastic is non-biodegradable and still comes from non-renewable sources, it's often considered to be a better and somewhat safer plastic than other alternatives and is not linked to health issues, like other plastics.

Polypropylene containers do not leach harmful chemicals into food or liquids. They commonly contain yogurt, medicine, drinks, ketchup and medicines. PP is BPA free which is a commonly found toxic compound linked to various health issues. BPA has been linked to developmental issues during pregnancy and childhood, linking it to birth defects and neurological disorders. It's an endocrine disruptor, and also tied to asthma, breast cancer, heart disease, leukaemia, prostate cancer and other issues, obesity, testicular cancer, and thyroid issues. 

Staying Plastic Free

No plastic is really environmentally friendly. 

If you’re looking to reduce your use of plastic, check out our list of suggested resources here: 






Plenaire Accessories - why was creating this aspect important? 

After listening to many of you, we have created a capsule of luxe beautiful accessories to complement our launch.

Our soft cloth flannels, durable canvas bags and gorgeous head & knotwraps help to support our consumers to avoid plastic where they can make do with beautifully designed yet more circular alternatives.

We are proud to collaborate on these accessories with the Rewrap Collective, an NGO that creates ethical seed to shop cotton and canvas by empowering local artisans while providing employment to women in Mysore, India.

Where possible we like to team up with independent designers. Our knotwraps are organic 100% cotton and have been designed by us in collaboration with Rachel Breeden, a California based graphic designer. You can find more of Rachel’s original and beautiful patterns and vintage 70’s style prints here.

What is the Returns Policy?


At Plenaire, we hope you will be 100% satisfied with our products. However, if we come up short on that goal, we have definitely have options for you.

DAMAGED, DEFECTIVE, INCORRECT ITEM: Please email sayhi@plenaire.co if your product(s) arrive damaged, or defective and include a photo. Our customer support team welcomes your feedback and will look into each case, and respond back with suggestions or replacement items as soon as possible. 

EXCHANGES: please email returns@plenaire.co

RETURNS: Please email returns@plenaire.co. If you decide to cancel, you must raise a request to return within 14 days from the date of purchase, stating clearly the reason for your return. Goods sent back must be in their original packaging with seals intact and in resalable condition. Once we have received the goods, we will issue a full refund or credit note, less a £5 restocking fee.


Please note that at this time, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on our Accessories or our Smaller 30 ml editions. 

Your return package must be postmarked within 14 days of placing your order. We offer free shipping on all outbound orders within the United Kingdom over £40 but we cannot at this time reimburse the cost of returns, or issue return shipping labels. 

Return Instructions: 


Plenaire Returns, c/o The Full Works, Trek Logistics, Prestige House, Valleybridge Road, Clacton- On-Sea, Essex, CO154AD


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