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Our Ingredients

Always ingredient transparent.

Plenaire is 100% ingredient transparent. We avoid raw materials that are considered harmful, carry the perception of toxicity or that have historically been linked to skin sensitivity. With ingredients currently being debated as to whether or not they are safe, our approach is to avoid them until more concrete evidence is available. If the safety of an ingredient is unclear, we review both scientific evidence and literature supplemented by independent qualitative research to understand trends and shifts in consumer perceptions and opinions. We then make decisions to create our ingredient approach and ideology, disclosing these decisions transparently.

You can read our full ingredient disclosure here.

Carbon Neutral Ingredients

As of 2021, Plenaire is a certified carbon neutral brand.

We have decided to work with Climate Partner to ensure our products are carbon neutral. This has been achieved by measuring our carbon footprint and offsetting the emissions that we cannot avoid by supporting a project aligned with our business.

"Given that water is a core component in healthy skincare, we chose an offset project that reflects this beautifully by supporting communities in Odisha, India, to have access to
clean drinking water."

Always UK Made.

All of our products are proudly sourced and made in the UK, a leading hub for ethical cosmetic practices and home to some of the most iconic brands in the world. As a part of this, all our ingredients comply with current European Cosmetic Safety legislation.

Against Animal Testing. Proudly Vegan.

We will never test our products or ingredients on animals nor do we use suppliers who test them on our behalf. Our products do not contain animal-based ingredients or animal derivatives. Each Plenaire product has been registered with the Vegan Society.